Growth of online payments in global gaming industry

According to the data of research held by ECommPay, in 2013 the number of active gamers who played online at least once a day exceed more than 140 million people throughout the world, and keep growing.

For the current moment there are 170 million video games fans (more than 50% of the country population) in the USA. 30% play on PC, 28% play on consoles (PS, Xbox, etc.), 17% play on smartphones, 15% on wireless devices and 10% play on portable devices.

30% of Americans pay with credit cards, 27% — via PayPal, 21% use prepaid cards, 2% use electronic or mobile wallets. Most common devices used for purchase of digital content are PCs (67%), smartphones (30%) and tablets (25%).

In the UK 33,5 million people (55% of entire population) play online games. Most preferable are consoles (26%), PCs (24%), smartphones (21%), tablets (17%), and portable devices (12%). The preferred payment methods for the British are credit cards (40%), PayPal (37%), prepaid cards (9%), electronic wallets (9%), and electronic vouchers (5%).

In Russia there are 46,4 million gamers (56% of the country population). The Russians prefer to play on PCs (98%)The most popular payment methods are electronic wallets (30%), followed by PayPal (9%). Credit cards, mobile payments and banking transfers are used almost equally. Users prefer to buy digital content through PC, smartphones and tablets.

In Japan 65 million people play video games on different devices. In 2015 estimated value of Japanese gaming market was more than 8 billion Euros, and half the revenue was obtained from mobile games.

The most preferable payment methods in Japan are credit cards (29%), followed by Konbinis prepaid cards. 80% of local gamers prefer to make one-off payments but not to buy subscriptions. Prepaid cards are usually used for micro-transactions, while credit cards are used for larger payments.