Mail.Ru Group researches: game industry in Russia and global

Mail.Ru Group experts launched project bringing together game industry researches – The project includes online games market and it’s segments estimates as well as analysis of the Russian and foreign players profiles.

«Since 2013 we share estimates of the Russian game industry with market and specialists. This year we are bringing together all information within one platform: all information will be available in «one window» for experts and developers. Also within the project we will offer new research of foreign players profiles: under conditions when domestic online games developers are entering new markets more and more extensively, it is important to help to get bearings and understand main differences», – Oleg Shpilchevskiy, head of Mail.Ru Group game division commented on this.

Mail.Ru Group project includes new research of gamers profiles from the USA, the UK, France and Germany, their game preferences and their attitude towards payments in games.

In the course of selective research regional differences between young players from different countries were found[1]. For example, most of players in Germany and in the USA belonged to teenager age group (26% of total number), but in France the largest share of players is within 21-25 years group (22%). Games are equally popular with both genders in the UK, but there are slightly less women gamers than men gamers in Germany and in France (47% and 45% correspondingly), but in the USA they in fact left men behind (52%).

Usually, gamers preferences are not limited to one game genre. The servey revealed that action/adventure and shooter genres are more popular than other genres in all countries. In the UK gamers more often play shooters, sports simulators and races. The least popular genre in France are racing games and sports simulators. Fighting games are preferred in the USA and they are the least favorable in Germany where some cruel games are forbidden.

Share of players who ever paid in computer games is the highest in the USA (53%). In other countries it was performed by less than a half of respondents. The smallest share of gamers who ever paid in games is in France and Germany (40% and 38% correspondingly). According to the servey, most of payments were made to unlock additional content. Visual customization of gameplay is the least paid option. It should be noted that the Americans pay for all kinds of improvements - in particular, for premium subscription more eagerly then other gamers.

Among those who did not pay in games gamers from the France were ranked the first — 51% of them do not want to pay for anything including access to game. Share of those who never paid in games but theoretically do not mind to pay money for extra options is the largest in the USA and in the UK.

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[1] Analysis is based on quantitative research conducted in July 2015 by online polling of 1947 gamers within age between 13–44 years from France (480 respondents), Germany (458 respondents), the UK (492 respondents) and the USA (517 respondents).